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Hastings Business Law Journal

ISSN 1554-8503

Introductory text for Hastings Business Law Journal.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

Hastings Environmental Law Journal (Law Journals)

ISSN 1080-0735

The Hastings Environmental Law Journal (HELJ) is in the process of transitioning from West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and Policy. The new direction of HELJ will continue the tradition of creating a legal forum for both academics and practitioners in areas of environmental law and policy, but will depart from the previous regional concentration that was inherent to West-Northwest.

With a broader focus, HELJ will be home to all aspects of environmental policy and legal issues, and will focus on scholarship regarding the most current issues from across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. This journal will focus on creating a community of environmental scholars here at Hastings, and connecting them with the greater environmental community beyond. With articles and essays from a range of authors, including practicing attorneys, policy-makers, law students and professors, resource managers, scientists, citizen groups, and activists, HELJ will lead the way in identifying the most problematic issues in environmental law and policy and creating innovative solutions.

Hastings Women’s Law Journal (Law Journals)

The Hastings Women's Law Journal is committed to advancing feminist perspectives and promoting scholarship in issues of concern common to all women, while recognizing the unique concerns of communities that traditionally have been denied a voice, such as women of under-represented populations.