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CIVIL RIGHTS. TAXES FOR HIGHER EDUCATION. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Revises California Constitution to restore affirmative action programs and preferences for historical victims of racism or sexism in the operation of public education and public contracting. Creates a 1.5% tax on retail sales to establish "The Student Higher Education Trust Fund." Half of the Fund will be used to pay for all admission and student related fees for all California residents at California public colleges. The other half of the Fund will go to the California Superintendent of Public Instruction to create college-bound programs for poor children. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: If passed, there would be an annual increase in retail sales taxes of about 6 billion dollars to be used for higher education and social services programs. The measure would result in significant increases in state capital costs for constructing public higher education facilities as well as increases in state and local costs of potentially tens of millions of dollars per year to implement preferential contracting programs.


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