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REDISTRICTING COMMISSION. ELECTION DISTRICTS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Creates five-member commission to redraw district boundaries for Congress, State Assembly and Senate, Board of Equalization promptly after each federal census. Commission members appointed by Assembly Speaker, Senate President Pro Tempore, leader of largest minority party in each house; four members select fifth member (Chair). Disqualifies current lobbyists and persons recently seeking or holding elective office. Prohibits district adjustments based on incumbents' residences or voters' political affiliations, race, ethnicity, national origin, unless required by federal law. Requires geographically compact districts. Permits Legislature to reject redistricting plans by three-fourths vote of both houses. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: This measure would result in additional costs to the State for the commission to develop reapportionment plans every ten years. These costs are probably in the range of up to several million dollars, and would depend on a number of factors, including the costs to the commission to obtain and analyze data and compensate the members.


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