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ELECTION DISTRICTS. REDISTRICTING COMMISSION. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Creates 17-member commission to redraw district boundaries for Congress, State Assembly and Senate, and Board of Equalization following decennial federal census. Sixteen Commission members appointed by legislative leadership, but current lobbyists and persons recently seeking or holding elective office are disqualified; Commission selects seventeenth member, who cannot be from a political party represented in Legislature. Prohibits consideration of or effect on incumbents or voters' political affiliations or voting history in making district adjustments. Requires geographically compact districts. Provides for Supreme Court review and permits voter referendum of redistricting plan. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Because the measure requires that the Legislature make funds available from its own budget for personnel and computer technology for the commission, and because the Legislature's budget is limited under the Constitution, the measure would probably not result in any additional costs related to these activities. However, to the extent that the commission incurs other costs, such as travel and expenses for members of the commission, the state could incur unknown, but probably not major, additional costs.


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