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WELFARE BENEFITS FOR CHILDREN. ELIGIBILITY. WORK, RESIDENCY CONDITIONS. SERVICE FOR CHILDLESS ADULTS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Requires that adult parents and guardians receiving benefits for dependent children work 32 hours per week for pay or serve qualified, unrelated, childless retirees or working adults. Establishes public registry of welfare participants. Limits benefits. Restricts eligibility. Denies benefits to non-California residents; provides criminal penalties for violations. Establishes public record of benefits and services provided by child-welfare benefit programs, with actual market values. Requires children to reside within county providing benefits. Permits qualified childless rental property owners to claim losses attributable to rent control. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: It is estimated that the measure would have the following fiscal effects: (1) no fiscal effects on CalWORKs and Kin-GAP programs because the work requirement provisions of the measure are unenforceable; (2) . costs of at least $25 million in the Foster Care program due to the effective elimination of the Kin-GAP program; and (3) unknown costs associated with the measure's non-Cal Works and Kin-GAP-related provisions.


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