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OLD-GROWTH TREE PRESERVATION. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Protects California's old growth trees by prohibiting cutting or significant harm to heritage trees in California except as permitted in statute and by creating buffer zones. Requires that timber and other operations be conducted consistent with statute. Creates Heritage Tree Preservation Fund administered by Wildlife Conservation Board. Provides for civil penalties and injunctive relief against any person who performs, conducts, orders, or directs timber operations in violation of statute. Also provides for investigation and disciplinary action against any registered professional forester for material misstatement by failing to designate heritage trees in timber harvesting plan. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: This measure would have the following fiscal effects: (1) Unknown reduction in state and local revenues, potentially a few million to over $10 million annually, to the extent that timber harvesting is reduced; (2) State administrative costs of about $500,000 to ensure compliance with the timber harvesting restrictions proposed by this measure; and (3) Unknown, but potentially major, state costs to pay for any successful compensation claims against the state by property owners for a loss in property value due to this measure's restrictions.


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