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"THREE STRIKES" LAW. LIMITATION TO VIOLENT AND SERIOUS FELONIES. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Amends "Three Strikes" law to require mandatory increased sentences only when current conviction is for specified violent and/or serious felony such as rape, robbery or murder. Provides that only prior convictions for specified violent and/or serious felonies qualify for second and third "strike" sentence increases. Requires re-sentencing within 180 days of persons with sentences increased pursuant to ~'1bree Strikes" law if offenses for which they were sentenced or prior convictions used to increase sentences would no longer qualify under this measure as violent and/or serious felonies. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: This measure would result in unknown, but significant net savings for the state. The state could face increased costs of several tens of millions of dollars for court-related activities and parole supervision, which could be offset by savings for the state ranging from several tens of millions of dollars to several hundreds of millions of dollars due to lower prison operating costs. The state might also be able to defer several hundreds of millions of dollars in capital outlay costs associated with delayed construction of additional prison beds. Possible increased initial costs to counties of as much as several tens of millions of dollars for jail-related costs which could be more than offset by future ongoing savings from fewer new cases challenging sentences issued under the Three Strikes law.


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