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CORRECTIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAM. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Creates Correctional Education Board to oversee the education program for state prison inmates. Requires program to provide opportunities for educational and vocational training to inmates with a reasonable expectation of release, and provide inmates to be released with courses on life management and social adaptation skills. Requires Board to appoint Superintendent of Correctional Education to: ensure that program meets minimum performance standards; develop procedure to evaluate the program's effectiveness; and develop 5-year plan for a unified correctional school system. Requires Board to submit report to Legislature with recommendations for further restructuring of the program. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: The proposed measure would result in ongoing state costs of approximately $200 million annually for additional teaching staff, and unknown onetime capital outlay costs potentially up to several hundreds of millions of dollars for additional classroom space. There would also be minor state costs for the expenses of the Board. These costs could potentially be partially offset by unknown incarceration savings.


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