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SEX OFFENDERS. PUNISHMENT. PAROLE. PUBLIC INFORMATION. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Increases penalties, lengthens parole periods for specified sex crimes. Requires electronic monitoring of registered sex offender parolees. Adds crimes subject to "Megan's Law" public disclosure. Requires that disclosures include registrants' addresses, license plate numbers and whether victim was a child. Requires that Megan's Law information be available on Internet. Requires registered sex offenders to renew driver's license annually, provide DMV with current photograph, address verification. Sexual predator law to apply where disordered offender commits violent predatory sexual crime against single victim under age 14. Expands HIV / AIDS testing for accused sex offenders. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: State costs potentially ranging from several tens of millions of dollars to in excess of$100 million annually. Local costs potentially ranging from a couple million to several millions of dollars statewide. Both the state and local costs could be partially offset by unknown savings to the extent the measure deters offenders from committing specified sex offenses.


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