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STATE ELECTORAL DISTRICTS. SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA REGIONAL AUTHORITY BOARD. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Establishes new criteria/methods for defining state legislative, congressional and other statewide election districts, based on division of State into "State Districts" equal in number to number of California Representatives in United States Congress (currently 53). Replaces fixed membership numbers for Assembly and Senate with membership numbers varying according to number of "State Districts." Creates "State Demographer" position to oversee establishment of "State Districts." Establishes 1 O-member San Francisco Bay Area regional authority board responsible for determining transportation development priorities and funding allocations for region, replacing Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: This measure would have the following major fiscal effects: (1) one-time state and local government costs for elections and redistricting in the low tens of millions of dollars; (2) shift of redistricting costs from state to local governments of several million dollars every ten years; and (3) future state savings from fewer special elections. Instances of savings would likely be infrequent, but could exceed $1 million for each election.


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