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Repeals various laws approved by the voters as Proposition 63 in November 2004 election, including laws that: provide funds to counties to expand programs and services for mentally ill individuals; require the state to develop programs for mental health prevention, intervention, education and training; and prohibit the state from decreasing mental health funding below current levels. Repeals the 1% tax on individual taxpayers' taxable personal income above $1 million that currently funds these mental health services; requires that previously collected taxes be refunded to taxpayers. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: State revenue decreases of approximately $275 million in 2004-05, $750 million in 2005-06, $800 million in 2006-07, and increasing amounts annually thereafter, with commensurate ongoing reductions in expenditures by the state and counties for mental health programs. These reductions in expenditures could be partly offset by increased costs for other state and local programs. Unknown onetime refund to taxpayers, potentially as much as hundreds of millions of dollars, of tax revenues collected and expended under the Mental Health Services Act prior to its repeal.


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