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Amends California Constitution to declare that illegal immigration poses imminent danger. Establishes California Border Police to arrest and hold suspects and notify federal authorities. Authorizes arrest without warrant based on probable cause of violation of federal immigration law. Authorizes state to agree with federal government for Border Police to enforce federal immigration laws. Requires Legislature to appropriate funds for Border Police, authorizes Governor to make supplemental appropriations in emergency. Requires state to seek reimbursement from federal government. Authorizes new detention facilities. Requires two-thirds vote of Legislature and Governor's signature to amend. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Potential annual costs in the hundreds of millions of dollars to create and operate a border police agency, with one-time costs in the tens of millions of dollars. Potential net savings to state and local governments over time in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually due to reduced expenditures for certain public services. Potential net reductions in state and local revenues over time in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually due to impacts on the state's economy.


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