Attorney General No.

SA2005RF0095, Amdt. #1-S

Secretary of State No.



Prohibits using state funds for medical costs of individuals who are not U.S. citizens and California residents. Authorizes state tax deductions for certain medical professionals providing unlimited free healthcare to registered uninsured citizens/residents, and exempts eligible medical professionals and capitated healthcare centers from state income taxes. Requires state to publish a list of eligible uninsured, and to verify that free healthcare is provided to them. Permits citizens/residents to register with doctors for unlimited free healthcare. Requires businesses and organizations to report their healthcare coverage. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: A decrease in state income tax revenues, in the hundreds of millions of dollars - potentially exceeding $1 billion annually. Increased state and county administrative costs, potentially in the tens of millions of dollars annually. Significant, but unknown, net savings or costs to the state and county governments for their health care costs for Medi-Cal patients and the uninsured, depending upon how this measure would be implemented in light of federal legal requirements.


David K Johnson



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