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Repeals existing restrictions on state approval of construction of nuclear power plants. Repeals existing state process for determining adequacy of nuclear waste storage, and requires acceptance of federally-approved storage methods. Creates technical restrictions and limitations on the approval of nuclear power plants in specified areas of the state which are seismically active or biologically sensitive or where the nuclear power plant would discharge into navigable rivers. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Potential, unknown state and local administrative costs, largely paid for by fees, for review of new power plant applications and for regulatory enforcement and emergency planning related to new power plant construction and operation. Potential, unknown financial exposure to the state in the long term, potentially in the millions of dollars in environmental cleanup costs at each new nuclear power plant site, and potentially in the billions of dollars in the event of a major radioactive release. Potential, unknown increase in state and local revenues in the long term, to the extent the measure generates new investment in the state in the nuclear power industry that is not fully offset by decreased investment in other energy sectors. (Initiative 07-0027.) (Full Text)


Assemblyman Chuck DeVore



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