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Repeals California’s “three-strikes” sentencing statutes. Reduces sentences and provides earlier parole eligibility for habitual offenders. Provides for re-sentencing of offenders, except persons convicted of murder, to conform with new sentencing limits. Provides persons sentenced to life with possibility of parole, including those previously sentenced, become parole eligible after seven years. Requires persons sentenced to life with possibility of parole be released within specified time frames. Requires recalculations of parole eligibility dates, resetting of parole release dates, and limits factors that may be considered in setting parole release dates. Increases work-time credits. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Net state operating savings of potentially a few hundred million dollars initially, increasing to the low billions of dollars annually, primarily due to reduced prison operating costs. Unknown one-time state savings for capital outlay associated with prison construction that would otherwise be needed, potentially as much as several billions of dollars in the long term. Increased county costs potentially in the low hundreds of millions of dollars annually for jail and court-related costs. (Initiative 07-0039.) (Full Text)


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