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Prohibits increased sentencing terms for repeat felony offenders under new “Three Strikes” law except when current offense is a serious or violent felony. Authorizes re-sentencing under the new law for offenders serving indeterminate life sentences provided that the sentence was not imposed for a second strike. Provides that felons convicted of specified crimes, including murder, certain crimes involving firearm use, and certain sex or drug offenses, are not eligible for the benefits of the new law. Restricts Legislature’s authority to modify certain sentencing schemes or enhancements. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Net state savings – primarily to prison operations – potentially in the tens of millions of dollars annually initially, increasing to several hundreds of millions of dollars annually within a decade. Unknown state savings on a one-time basis for capital outlay associated with prison construction that would otherwise be needed, potentially as much as one billion dollars in the long term. Increased state and county costs of potentially a few tens of millions of dollars annually for jail and court-related costs. (Initiative 07-0075.) (Full Text)


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