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Requires law enforcement officers to obtain a license that must be renewed each year. Creates a board consisting of 13 non-law enforcement officers appointed by the Governor, and empowers it to issue, suspend, revoke or cancel licenses. Requires the board to investigate incidents involving the use of deadly force and to maintain a process for the public to complain about law enforcement officers. Imposes training and notification requirements on law enforcement agencies. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Increased state expenditures in the tens of millions of dollars annually to support the operations of the new California Law Enforcement State License Board, which would be funded with revenues collected by the board from licensing fees. Increased state, county, and city costs that collectively could reach the hundreds of millions of dollars annually for licensing, bond and insurance coverage, law enforcement training, and the provision of legal counsel, depending upon how this measure is interpreted and implemented. (08-0017.)


Tony Avila Sampson, Floyd Garfield Sampson, and Rose Marie Sampson



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