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Requires state and local agencies to check immigration status of applicants for public benefits, including certain children. Requires agencies to report applicants whose immigration status is unverified to federal immigration authorities, including parents requesting benefits for legal resident children. Denies CalWORKS benefits for certain children with unverified immigration status. Requires state and local law enforcement to comply with direction from federal immigration authorities for holding and transferring undocumented immigrants arrested. Requires commitment for law enforcement agencies to perform federal immigration functions. Bars policies against enforcement of federal immigration laws. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Unknown significant one-time and ongoing costs to state and local governments due to changes in the application process for public benefits, as well as unknown but likely significant savings from decreased use of public benefits. State savings in the hundreds of millions annually from imposing a two-year time limit on CalWORKs benefits for children of undocumented persons, partially offset by state and county costs for children who shifted to Foster Care or county general assistance programs. Increased costs to the state and local criminal justice system, potentially exceeding tens of millions of dollars annually, for training of peace officers, verifying the immigration status of individuals who are arrested, and detaining some of these persons until their transfer to federal custody.


Tirso Del Junco, Ted Hilton, and Bill Siler



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