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Requires arrest and detention for pretrial risk assessment when officer has probable cause that arrestee committed specified offenses, such as disorderly conduct and drug possession. Establishes specialized courts in counties with populations over 100,000 to determine if economic, substance abuse, or mental health issues were contributing factors in offense; if so, requires referrals to social-safety-net assistance or incarceration for drug treatment or mental health care. Amends Mental Health Services Act to utilize existing funding for such courts and programs. Establishes rules for expunging sentences for specified offenses. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Increased criminal justice system costs, particularly for courts, substance use disorder treatment, and mental health treatment, which could be in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Some or all of these costs would be funded by a shift of about $860 million in existing state revenues. Decreased funding of about $860 million for certain mental health programs. State and local governments could face ongoing cost to replace this funding.


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