Attorney General No.


Secretary of State No.



Repeals existing conflicting laws regulating cultivation, sale, and use of cannabis and hemp. Legalizes cannabis and hemp, as defined. Expands judicial relief, including release from custody, for existing cannabis/hemp convictions. Prohibits permit, license, and tax requirements for personal uses; increases amount allowed for personal use. Prohibits commercial regulation beyond manner applicable to beer/wine; limits retail tax to 10%. Allows doctors to recommend cannabis without prescription; prohibits taxation of medicinal cannabis. Limits cannabis testing for employment or insurance purposes. Bars state or local aid to enforce federal cannabis/hemp laws. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Reduced state and local tax revenues related to the production and sale of cannabis, likely in the mid-to-high hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Reduced state and local license fee revenue – likely in excess of $100 million annually – which could result in some of the regulatory costs being supported from other fund sources (such as the state General Fund).


Berton Duzy, Michael Jolson



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