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STATE EMPLOYEES' SALARIES. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Requires State Personnel Board to annually determine the wages and salaries generally prevailing in private business and other public employment for persons employed in positions comparable to those of state employees. Requires the board to report to the Governor and Legislature by April 1st of each year recommended wage and salary ranges for all state employees at not less than prevailing wages and salaries. Provides that the recommended wages and salaries shall become effective on July 1st of each year unless the Legislature determines otherwise by a two-thirds vote in each house. Adoption of this initiative could require a substantial increase in state cost in years that a wage increase recommendation otherwise would not be adopted. Assuming that state employee wages will be adjusted over the years by the Governor and the Legislature to reflect comparable pay for comparable work as determined by the State Personnel Board, then this initiative would have no significant long-term fiscal effect.


Earl Sullaway, Union Of State Employees, Local 411, 903 30Th Street,, Sacramento, California 95816.



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