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PROBATION PROHIBITED FOR CERTAIN PERSONS. INITIATIVE. Amends Penal Code to prohibit granting probation to: (1) Persons using a firearm during attempt or commission of specified crimes; (2) persons previously convicted of specified felonies who commit subsequent felony while armed with firearm or who are unlawfully armed at time of arrest for subsequent offense; (3) persons convicted of specified crimes relating to selling or offering to sell or possession for sale of heroin or cocaine; (4) persons convicted of certain burglaries who have two or more prior convictions for burglary. Measure can be amended or repealed by 2/3 vote of Legislature. If the proposed initiative is adopted, undefined additional financing from state sources to cover operating expenses will be required in the approximate amounts of: $7,300,000 in first year; $10,200,000 in second year; $12,100,000 in third year; and $14,100,000 in fourth year. Depending on future sentencing and parole practices, additional financing from state sources may be required for added prison facilities.


Wesley R. Barrett, 5181 V.E. Avenue, Oroville, California 95965; Wesley R. Barrett, President, California Peace Officers Association Suite 800, Forum Building, Sacramento, California 95814



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