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PROHIBITION OF STRIKES BY PUBLIC EMPLOYEES. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Prohibits strikes by public employees; provides for mandatory dismissal, loss of tenure and seniority for violators. Prohibits public employers from: condoning such strikes; paying a striking employee; agreeing to increased benefits or compensation in response to a strike; bargaining about suspension or modification of strike penalties. Also prohibits closed shop, mandatory union dues or fee arrangements, and use of public employee dues for political purposes. Provides that governing bodies make final decisions relating to public employment. Prohibits binding arbitration. Requires establishment of mediation procedures as to matters authorized by law. Financial impact: Would result in unknown but probably minor additional costs to public agencies. EMPLOYEES OF PUBLIC AGENCIES. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Adds Article XVII to the Constitution. Prohibits strikes by public employees; provides for dismissal and loss of tenure and seniority for violators. Defines strike to mean failure to report for duty, willful absence, work stoppage, slowdown, or other interference with operation of public agency in concert with others. Prohibits compulsory representation; prohibits compulsory membership, dues or fee arrangements; provides that final decisions on wages, hours, and other matters relating to employment shall be made by the governing body of the public entity.


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