Secretary of State No.



REGULATION OF SMOKING. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Finds and declares that smoking in enclosed areas is detrimental to nonsmokers. With specified exceptions, prohibits smoking in enclosed public places, places of employment, and educational and health facilities. Requires restaurants to establish nonsmoking sections in dining areas. Prohibits employment discrimination based on exercise of rights provided by this statute. Permits stricter local government smoking regulations. Requires posting of signs designating areas where smoking is prohibited. Allows Legislature to amend consistent with intent of this statute. Provides penalties for violations. Financial impact: Initial cost to state and local governments for signs could range from $10,000 to $600,000. Unknown substantial savings to state and local agencies by reduction of health expenditures, and sick leave and disability payments to employees. Unknown increase in local agency revenues from fines. Unknown reduction in state and local cigarette tax receipts.


Mr. Peter Hanauer, 95 Forest Lane, Berkeley, California 94708; Ms. Susan Kennedy, 11118 Cohasset Street, Sun Valley, California 91352; Mr. Paul L. Loveday, 100 Underhill Road, Orinda, California 94563; Mr. Eddie Tabash, 140 South Reno Street, No. 239, Los Angeles, California 90057; Dr. James R. White, Ph.D., 3552 Wellesly Avenue, San Diego, California 92122



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