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RACE, RELIGION, ETHNIC BACKGROUND. PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Prohibits preferential treatment, based on race, religion, ethnic background or prior servitude of ancestors, with respect to: admissions to state colleges or universities; the employment of persons by public or private employers; the award or consummation of public or private contracts. Prohibits court orders in conflict with the foregoing prohibition except orders against a specific party to correct clearly established and precisely delineated misconduct. Specifies that measure shall not be construed to abridge the freedom of any religious body or person in the conduct of religious functions. Financial Impact Statement: Could result in a substantial revenue loss to state and local government if measure is determined to conflict with federal laws, and federal funds tied to affirmative action requirements are Failed to Qualify. If it is determined that measure does not conflict with federal laws, its enactment could result in unknown savings to state and local governments.


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