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WATER FACILITIES. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Adds several units, facilities, and programs to the Central Valley Project. Specifies conditions and requirements regarding feasibility, environmental impacts, design, construction, operation, and financing for these and other project units. Requires Water Resources Department: to contract with delta agencies regarding users' rights, minimum water quality, and payment for benefits; and to immediately proceed with prerequisites to construction of peripheral canal unit. Requires project be operated in compliance with designated water quality standards. Specifies project cost allocations to be made and repayment responsibilities. Provides for designated studies and investigations by Fish and Game and Water Resources Departments. Financial impact: costs for the State Water Project would be increased at least $3.7 billion. Federal participation in funding these costs is not required. The availability of federal funding to offset state costs is unknown. There would be an unknown indirect impact on state revenue. There are no direct fiscal impacts on local governments.


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