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GAMING AND EXTENDED PARI-MUTUEL HORSE RACE AND JAI-ALAI WAGERING. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Permits pari-mutuel and extended pari-mutuel wagering on horse races and Jai-Alai. Establishes state gaming commission which shall issue up to three hundred licenses authorizing extended pari-mutuel wagering throughout the state on horse races and Jai-Alai. Permits Jai-Alai and the conduct of those games of chance defined in Penal Code section 330 and in the initiative only within the geographical area of the cities of Adelanto, San Bernardino County and Jackson, Amador County. State gaming commission required to issue as many gaming and Jai-Alai permits as these two cities request. Financial impact: Would result in indeterminable but potentially significant state revenues, state costs which are indeterminable but significantly less than the potential revenues to be generated, unknown costs to Adelanto and Jackson with respect to gaming and Jai-Alai, which costs probably would be offset by local licensing and tax fees on these activities.


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