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TAXES, FEES AND LEVIES. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Provides that state and other government entities shall not exact or impose a new tax, fee, or levy, nor increase or extend an existing tax, fee, or levy beyond its scheduled expiration date except: (1) for a specified purpose, (2) for a specified period not to exceed six years, and (3) at a rate or amount authorized by two-thirds of qualified electors voting. Specified exemptions, limitations, and provisions are made regarding taxes, fees, or levies: retiring bonded indebtedness, imposed by courts, covering costs of optional direct benefit governmental services, and on other matters. Fiscal impact on state and local governments: Fiscal impact cannot be specifically estimated but it could be significant. There would be increased election costs as tax and revenue increases not now requiring approval by the electorate would have to be submitted to the voters. There would be a potential reduction in state and local revenues from the level that would exist without the measure as some tax and revenue increase proposals would not receive the necessary two-thirds vote.


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