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HABITUAL CRIMINAL. THIRD CONVICTION. STATUTORY INITIATIVE. Provides that any person who has previously been tried and convicted twice for specified felonies upon charges separately brought and for each of which the person has served a separate prison term, Youth Authority commitment, or mentally disordered sex offender commitment, shall be adjudged an habitual criminal if tried and convicted a third time for any of the specified felonies. Every person adjudged an habitual criminal shall be imprisoned in state prison for life and not be eligible for release on parole for a minimum term of at least 20 years. Fiscal impact on state and local governments: Higher state costs would occur due to longer prison terms imposed. Could result in savings in court costs to extent fewer persons are free to commit crimes. Extent of increased costs cannot be estimated due to unknown deterrent effect measure would have and other factors. Depending upon assumptions made, possible range of annual increased prison operating costs, beginning in 1988-89, could be between $120 thousand to $1 million, rising to between $13 million to $33 million in 20 years. Construction of required increased prison housing could cost between $80 million to $200 million, assuming single cell occupancy.


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