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REAL PROPERTY TAXATION. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Proposes to amend the California Constitution by adding a new article that would provide that all real property within the limits of this state shall be subject to a land tax based solely upon its raw value exclusive of any improvement and not otherwise. Provides that no provision now in the constitution shall be valid which conflicts in part or all with this amendment. Restricts method by which this provision may be amended. Fiscal impact on state and local governments: The Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance advise that they are unable to provide any estimate of the initiative's fiscal impact, due to difficulties in resolving the legal interpretation of its provisions. The initiative would prohibit the levy of a property tax against the value of real property improvements, resulting in a local revenue loss of over $4 billion in fiscal year 1983-84, when the measure would become effective. It is not clear, however, whether the existing provisions of Article XIII A of the State Constitution would apply. These provisions generally restrict the assessment of property to 1975-76 levels, as adjusted, and restrict the rate of taxation to 1 percent of property value. Should these provisions be ruled inapplicable, the revenue loss described above might be entirely offset by a combination of changes in assessment levels and tax rates.


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