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COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT PROJECTS. EMINENT DOMAIN. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Amends and adds to several statutory provisions regarding the approval and implementation of community redevelopment plans. Requires ordinances adopting or amending plans be submitted for voter approval. Prohibits property acquisition for a plan in advance of voter approval. Specifies minimum price that a redevelopment agency can sell or lease property to the "full cost" of the property, which is defined. Contains provisions regarding notices, burden of proof, right to jury trial, elements to be considered in determining just compensation, and limiting obtaining possession of property in advance of court judgment. Contains other provisions. Fiscal impact on state and local governments: The Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance advise: They are unable to provide a specific estimate of the initiative's fiscal impact. They estimate that the initiative could have a significant impact on local governments. The initiative's provisions relative to the minimum price at which property could be sold or leased by redevelopment agencies would tend to decrease the number of redevelopment projects undertaken, resulting in a decrease in property tax revenues available to these agencies and in sales and general tax revenues that would occur from related developments normally associated with such projects. To the extent redevelopment projects are shifted to locations outside of California, there would be a loss of revenue to the State. To the extent currently scheduled projects are not carried out, there could be a significant net cost to local agencies which have made financial commitments to these projects.


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