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WATER RESOURCES. STATUTORY INITIATIVE. Adds numerous sections to Water Code. Principal provisions: (1) Interbasin water transfers - requires development and implementation of specified water conservation programs for annual appropriations of more than 20,000 acre-feet. (2) Instream appropriations - allows for fishery, wildlife, recreational, aesthetic, scientific, scenic, water quality, and other uses. (3) Stanislaus River and New Melones Dam - specifies conditions concerning water storage and uses. (4) Groundwater - declares eleven named basins critical overdraft areas and establishes management authorities in these with specified duties and powers, including authority to limit, control, or prohibit groundwater extractions. Also contains policy statements, enforcement, and other provisions. Fiscal impact on state and local governments: The Legislative Analyst and the Director of Finance advise that adoption of this measure would have the following impacts. At the state level, State Water Resources Control Board costs of about $1.2 million annually (1981 prices) to implement and administer its added responsibilities for water conservation, instream protection and groundwater management. The Attorney General's Office may incur unknown costs depending on the extent of litigation resulting from the initiative. At the local level, unknown costs to affected agencies primarily for the development of water conservation programs, groundwater management programs and the increased price of water from the New Melones Project. There is a potential for long-term savings to the state and affected local agencies depending on the amount of water and energy saved.


Mr. Harrison Case Dunning California Water Resources Protection Council, 401 San Miguel Way, Sacramento, California 95819



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