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POPULATION GROWTH. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. If the population growth of California exceeds state's fair share during twelve months ending April 1 each year, requires that Legislature enact a plan to reduce rate of annual population growth to a rate not exceeding state's fair share. Defines California's fair share as a percentage increase that does not exceed the percentage by which the population of the United States increases during same period. Provides for Department of Finance action limiting residential building permits issued by state and local agencies if legislative plan is not enacted or does not achieve goal within times designated. Fiscal impact on state and local governments: The Legislative Analyst and the Director of Finance advise that they estimate that adoption of this initiative would have a substantial adverse fiscal impact on state and local government revenues during those periods in which the state would seek to restrict population increases in California. Over time, and depending on the character and degree of success of the enacted population restriction plan, the reduced population growth would result in a lower rate of growth in local government expenditures.


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