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GUNS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Adds and amends statutes concerning ownership, registration, and sale of guns. Requires that all concealable firearms be registered by November 2, 1983. Makes registration information confidential. Specifies procedures concerning sale and transfer of registered guns by dealers and private parties. Restricts Legislature's authority to enact laws: (1) prohibiting ownership of registered guns, (2) banning ownership or sale or requiring registration of shotguns and long rifles. Limits number of concealable firearms to number in circulation in California on April 30, 1983. Specifies violation penalties. Provides specified civil damage liability upon unlawful transfer of concealable firearms. Contains other provisions. Fiscal impact on state and local governments: The Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance advise that the adoption of this measure would have an undeterminable impact on state and local finances. They estimate that there would be undeterminable net changes in state and local administrative costs because (a) new administrative responsibilities would be financed by fees charged to affected handgun owners, (b) there would be substantial annual state savings from the discontinuance of the Attorney General's gun sale registration system but (c) there could be potential undeterminable increased costs for the Attorney General to perform activities required by the initiative; that the limit on the number of handguns, and the restrictions on sales by governmental entities, would reduce state and local revenues by an unknown amount; and that there could be other undeterminable costs or savings.


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