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REAPPORTIONMENT BY DISTRICTING COMMISSION OR SUPREME COURT. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Repeals Legislature's power over reapportionment. Establishes Districting Commission. Commission given exclusive authority to specify State Senate, Assembly, Equalization Board, and Congressional district boundaries. Specifies criteria for establishing districts. Provides method of choosing Commissioners having designated qualifications selected by appellate court justice panel and political party representatives. Requires districting plans be adopted for 1984 elections and following each decennial census thereafter. Specifies Commission's duties and responsibilities. Provides for open meetings, procedures, public hearings, and judicial review. Retains referendum power. Requires Supreme Court action if districting plans not adopted within specified times. Fiscal impact on state and local governments: The Legislative Analyst and the Director of Finance advise that: the adoption of this initiative would result in one-time increased state costs of approximately $3 million for the commission to develop a reapportionment plan for the 1984 through 1990 elections. Counties would incur one-time increased costs of approximately $1 million to update precinct maps and related election materials following the adoption of the commission's 1984 reapportionment plan. There would be no ongoing net cost increases to either the state or local governments because costs incurred by the commission would be offset by those normally incurred by the Legislature. There would be no impact on state or local revenues.


Tirso Del Junco, Chairman Susan Rouder California Republican Party, 1228 "N" Street, Room 14, Sacramento, California 95814



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