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MARIJUANA USE. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Proposes enactment of a statute providing that adults, 18 years or older, shall not be punished criminally, be denied any right or privilege, or be subject to any permit or license requirement, for past or present private possession, cultivation or transportation of marijuana for personal use, nor shall licensed physicians be penalized for medical use of marijuana. Also provides for amnesty and clearing of criminal records for all acts which are no longer illegal under this enactment. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: The measure would have an undetermined fiscal impact on State and local governments. The initiative may result in undetermined savings to State and local governments due to a reduction in law enforcement efforts and incarceration. The extent to which savings would be realized is indeterminable due to lack of data on the amount of resources dedicated to such enforcement activity and incarceration. State and local governments could incur unknown additional costs to destroy criminal records. Some of these costs would be potentially offset by fees allowed under existing law. The measure could result in an undetermined reduction in State and local government revenues from fines and penalty assessments levied for violations of existing marijuana laws.


Tod Mikuriya, M.D., 1168 Sterling Ave., Berkeley, Ca 94708 (415) 548-1188; Nancy G. Walker San Francisco County Supervisor, 228 Anderson St., San Francisco, Ca 94110 (415) 558-2943; Joe Allen District Attorney, Mendocino County, 135 Mendocino Pl., Ukiah, Ca 95482 (707) 468-4211; Harry Britt San Francisco County Supervisor, 3622 16Th Street, San Francisco Ca 94114 (415) 558-2145; Michael E. Rotkin Mayor, Santa Cruz City, 123 Liberty Street, Santa Cruz Ca 95060 (408) 429-3540; Dr. Timothy R. Wolfred, 91 Sanchez, San Francisco Ca 94114 (415) 563-0202; Harriet A. Bjurstrom, 3526 Stevely, Long Beach Ca 90808 213-439-0714; Beatrice Brandt, 3168 Faust, Long Beach Ca 90808 213-439-0714; Jack Herer, 16644 Hamlin, Van Nuys 91406 (213) 785-8606; Wavy Gravy A.K.A. Hugh Rombay, 1600 Woolsey, Berkeley Ca 94703 415-525-9342; Carla Soatar, 555 S. Ranch View Circle #102, Anaheim Hills Ca 92807 (714) 879-3270; Dennis Peron, 3745 17Th St., San Francisco Ca 94114 (415) 552-9629; Mary Rathbun, 82 Walter St., San Francisco Ca 94114 (415) 626-5268



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