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PUBLIC UTILITY RATES. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Amends Constitution to provide that, during any calendar year, the Public Utility Commission shall not approve a rate or incidental charge increase by a public utility for the furnishing of energy in any form which results in a cumulative increase to the ultimate consumer exceeding 10%. For purpose of calculating maximum allowable increase in rates, specifies base year rates as those approved and in effect January 1, 1980, adjusted annually as provided in the measure. Allows waiver of this limit by a statute valid for a twelve month period following passage of the statute. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: These fiscal impacts would depend upon the extent to which allowable utility rates exceed the 10% limit and the extent to which legislative waivers are granted. If legislature does not grant waivers, there could be reductions of income, sales, and property tax revenues of state and local governments. The energy costs of state and local governments could also be reduced. As there is no basis for predicting allowable utility rate increases or the legislative action that may be taken, the fiscal impact of the measure on state and local governments is indeterminable.


Paul Drake Supervisor, District 1 Lassen County, Post Office Box 626, Westwood, Ca 96137 (916) 256-3221; Jim Chapman Supervisor, District 2 Lassen County, Post Office Box 674, Susanville, Ca 96130 (916) 257-6870



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