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STATE-OPERATED LOTTERY. INITIATIVE STATUTES AND CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Amends California Constitution to permit authorization of a state-operated lottery by statute. Enacts statutes providing for a state-operated lottery. Establishes a three member Commission, appointed by the Governor for four year terms, to manage and administer the lottery. Specifies their authorities and duties. Sets forth provisions regarding the operation and conduct of the lottery. Specifies violation penalties. Initially transfers two million dollars from the General Fund to finance the activity. Provides that all net revenues from the sale of lottery tickets are to be paid monthly into the General Fund. Contains other provisions. Fiscal impact on state and local governments: The Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance advise that they estimate that adoption of this proposal would result in the generation of an indeterminable amount of revenues to the state. They state they are not able to estimate the amount of lottery revenue which would result from adoption of the proposal, because the proposal does not specify the price of lottery tickets, or the frequency with which drawings will be held to select lottery winners. They indicate further that adoption of this proposal would result in an appropriation of $2 million from the General Fund, which could be repaid from lottery revenues at the discretion of the Lottery Commission.


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