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REAPPORTIONMENT OF ASSEMBLY, SENATE, AND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Repeals statutes enacted at the 1983-84 First Extraordinary Session of the Legislature that establish boundary lines for the 80 Assembly Districts, the 40 Senate Districts, and the 45 Congressional Districts in California. Enacts replacement statutes establishing new boundary lines for these districts. Contains statement of findings and declarations of purpose concerning reapportionment principles. Provides that specified maps describing boundaries of districts prepared by the proponents may be deposited with Secretary of State and may be used to assist in interpretation and to facilitate performing administrative functions involved in conduct of elections. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Their analysis states "Assuming this measure is on the June 1984 ballot, and that the new district lines would be effective starting with the 1986 elections, its approval by the voters would result in a one-time increase in county costs of about $1 million . . If the adoption of this measure results in the holding of a special primary election after June of 1984, to reflect the newly reapportioned districts, the counties would incur . . costs for the special election, which would be about $13 million."


Honorable Don Sebastiani Member Of The Assembly, 8Th District (415) 397-2040 Parker Montgomery Quentin Kopp, State Capitol, Room 4177, Sacramento, Ca 95814



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