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PUBLIC OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES - SALARIES, EXPENSES, BENEFITS, VACANCIES. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Establishes following maximum annual compensations: Legislators, $12,000; Governor, $60,000; specified state officers, 80% of Governor's; Chief Justice, $48,000; other judges, 90% of Chief Justice's. Increases require two-thirds vote of Legislature and majority vote at statewide election. Limits expense reimbursements for Legislators. Limits maximum salary paid by public entities to officers and employees; requires majority voter approval to increase elected officer salary. Eliminates elected officer service retirement benefits; restricts judicial retirement benefits. Provides that elected officials who file to run for another office vacate their existing office. Contains other restrictions. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Enactment of this measure would result in annual savings of more than $100 million to state and local governments. All of these savings would not be realized during the initial years to the extent that some public employees whose salaries would be reduced by this measure have multi-year contracts. Generally their negotiated salary rates would remain in effect until their contracts expire. However, even greater state and local government cost savings could occur in future years as present elected officials are replaced by persons who would not receive retirement benefits or, in the case of judges and judicial employees, could receive reduced retirement benefits as a result of the act.


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