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GAMBLING AND LOTTERIES. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Adds new article to constitution requiring Legislature to regulate gambling and lotteries and to authorize all cities and counties to provide for lotteries solely for city and county use. Provides City of Adelanto in San Bernardino County and City of Clear Lake in Lake County local option to conduct various games of chance involving cards, dice, and other gambling devices within their boundaries. Establishes Public Gaming Control Commission to issue permits and exercise other powers pursuant to laws enacted by legislature. Provides funds received by State from this activity be appropriated for public education. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: There would be an indeterminate increase in state costs for regulation of the proposed gaming and lotteries. Also, an indeterminate, but potentially substantial increase in state revenues resulting from the permit fees for gaming would result. All funds received by the state are committed to public education expenditures. Therefore, the administrative costs noted above would be borne by the General Fund. There would be an indeterminate increase in local costs for regulation of the proposed gaming and lotteries. These local costs would be reimbursed from indeterminate, but potentially significant increases in local revenues, resulting from local license fees and taxes authorized for gaming, plus the proceeds of local lotteries.


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