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STATE LOTTERY. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL M1ENDHEHT AND STATUTES. Amends constitution to authorize establishment of a state lottery and to prohibit casinos. Adds statutes providing for establishment of a state-operated lottery. Of the total lottery revenues, requires that 50% be returned as prizes, not more than 16% be used for expenses, and at least 34% be used for public education. Requires that equal amounts of the funds for education be distributed to kindergarten through 12 dis,tricts. community college districts, State University and Colleges, and University of California. Contains a number of specific provisions concerning the operation and administration of lotteries and funds. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Adoption of this measure could result in a major increase in revenues for public education during its first year of operation. When the lottery is fully operational, these revenue increases for public education could range from $375 million to $500 million annually.


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