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COMMUNITY COLLEGE FUNDING. LOCAL GOVERNMENT PROPERTY TAX ALLOCATIONS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Adds constitutional provisions transferring one-half of 1% of sales taxes and 3% of personal income taxes to State Treasury fund for apportionment to community colleges. Legislature by two-thirds vote may periodically revise these percentages. Adds to constitution provisions requiring annual allocation of property tax revenues to each local government, and to special districts collectively, equal to percentage of 1983-4 revenues received. Annually board of supervisors reallocates special district allocation among special districts in proportions it deems appropriate. Legislature by two-thirds vote may change property tax allocations under specified circumstances. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Assuming this measure is on the November 1984 ballot, it would earmark approximately $1.365 billion in revenues from sales taxes and personal income taxes to community college programs and services in 1985-86 and $1.490 billion in 1986-87. This is approximately the same level of funding authorized by current law. Consequently, in the absence of any change in statute, the initiative would have no net effect on state costs. The total amount of local property tax revenues would not be changed by this measure. However, it would result in individual local agencies receiving more or less revenue than under current law, but the magnitude of these shifts in revenue between local agencies is unknown. The impact of the measure on redevelopment agencies is unclear.


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