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DENTURISTS LICENSURE ACT. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Enacts Denturists Licensure Act. Defines denturism as fitting of a removable dental prosthesis directly into human mouth, and all necessary procedures related thereto. Establishes Denturists Examining Board to: examine applicants and issue, revoke, or suspend licenses to practice denturism; establish criteria for approved denturism courses and educational institutions; prescribe continuing education requirements for license renewal; adopt rules of professional conduct for denturists. Makes it unlawful (misdemeanor) to practice denturism without being a dentist or licensed denturist. Specifies grounds for license revocation or suspension. Amends Dental Practice Act, removing and adding provisions. Contains other provisions. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: The measure would have no net fiscal effect because it specifies that program expenditures cannot exceed revenues. However, the proposed licensing and regulatory program may not be fully effective because program revenues would be short (by about $50,000 in 1986-87 and $25,000 annually thereafter) of the level normally required for full implementation and on-going administration of the measure's provisions.


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