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REAPPORTIONMENT. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Sets forth findings and declarations of purpose. Provides that notwithstanding prior adjustment of boundary lines by the legislature, the electors may, at any time, adjust the boundary lines of Senatorial, Assembly, Congressional, and Board of Equalization districts by statutory initiative. Provides that in any primary or general election following the date of passage of this amendment, every Senate district shall be composed of two whole Assembly districts. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: The Secretary of State has advised that if this measure is adopted at the primary election in June 1986, a second primary election prior to the general election in November 1985 would be needed to comply with the requirements in the measure that each Senate district shall be composed of two whole Assembly districts. The second primary election would be necessary to select party nominees from the newly drawn districts prior to the November 1986 election. The cost of holding a second primary election would range between $30 to $35 million. In addition, state and local governments would incur significant costs to reapportion Assembly and/or Senate districts. There could be some savings in ballot printing costs. There could be significant additional state and local government costs in future years if boundary lines of districts are adjusted through adoption of initiative statutes rather than by legislative action.


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