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MARIJUANA. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Adds sections to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act stating that marijuana shall be considered an intoxicant alongside dry wine and shall be regulated as such by the Alcoholic Beverage Control agencies. Provides one ounce of marijuana shall be considered the equivalent of one gallon of dry wine. Modifies present statutory definition of marijuana. Repeals present statute listing marijuana as a controlled hallucinogenic substance. Repeals statutes specifying offenses and penalties for every person who unlawfully possesses, possesses for sale, plants, cultivates, harvests, dries, processes, transports, imports, sells, furnishes, administers, or gives away marijuana. Summary of estimate by legislative analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on State and local governments: The fiscal effect of the requirement that the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control regulate marijuana like dry wine is indeterminable. The fiscal effect would depend upon determinations regarding such matters as enforcement requirements, licenses, taxes and the level of enforcement effort. The fiscal effect of provisions which repeal criminal penalties for various marijuana-related offenses may result in savings to state and local governments due to a reduction in law enforcement efforts and incarceration. The extent to which these savings would materialize is indeterminable because of (1) the lack of data on the amount of resources dedicated to such enforcement activity and incarceration and (2) the likelihood that any savings would be redirected for ongoing law enforcement programs.


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