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BEVERAGE CONTAINERS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Requires manufacturers, distributors and dealers offer refillable beverage containers and bottles for sale. Requires that every beverage container sold, or offered for sale after designated date, have refund value established by distributor of not less than 5 cents. Requires container indicate refund value. Provides for payment of refunds either at dealers' place of business or its immediate vicinity or designated redemption centers. Specifies handling fees for dealers and redemption centers. Prohibits manufacturer from requiring deposit from a distributor on nonrefillable containers. Contains definitions, specified exceptions, conditions, and other matters. Provides violations are infractions punishable by fine. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: This measure could have a fiscal effect both on the state and on local governments. It could: (1) reduce litter cleanup costs, (2) reduce solid waste disposal costs and reduce fees for trash collection, and (3) have both positive and negative impacts on state and local tax revenues. The net impact of the measure's fiscal effect cannot be predicted.


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