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BEER, WINE, AND DISTILLED SPIRIT TAXES: LAW ENFORCEMENT FUNDING. INITIATIVE STATUTE AND CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Amends State Constitution to permit voters to increase alcoholic beverage taxes for any purpose. Additional revenues not subject to state or local government appropriation limitations. Adds statutes to increase excise taxes by ten cents per gallon of beer and wine and per half pint of distilled spirits 100 or less proof, and by twenty cents per half pint of distilled spirits over 100 proof. Additional revenues under measure's tax increases available for local law enforcement purposes only. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance o?? fiscal impact on state and local governments: The measure will provide revenues for law enforcement of approximately $143 million the first year and roughly $156 million in later years. The increase in the excise tax on alcoholic beverages will produce a net increase in state sales tax revenues of about $5 million per year and in local sales tax revenues of about $2 million per year.


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