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APPROPRIATIONS LIMIT ADJUSTMENT. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Constitution limits tax revenues state and local governments annually appropriate for expenditure: allows "cost of living" and "population" changes. "Cost of living" defined as lesser of change in US Consumer Price Index or per capita personal income; measure redefines as greater of change in California Consumer Price Index or per capita personal income. "State population" redefined: includes increases in K-12 or community college average daily attendance greater than state population growth. Local government "population" redefined: includes increases in residents and persons employed. Specifies motor vehicle fuel and taxes are fees not subject to appropriations limit. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: The state's appropriations limit is estimated to increase by approximately $800 million in 1988-89 and by increasing amounts thereafter. Indeterminable effect on the appropriations limits of other public entities. Cost of Commission on State Finance report required by this measure would probably be less than $500,000 annually.


Carol J. Federighi President League Of Women Voters Of California, 4 Quail Run, Lafayette, California 94549; Helen H. Lindsey, President, California State PTA, 4944 Ledge Avenue, N. Hollywood, CA 91601; Edmond Anthony Foglia President California Teachers Association, 5978 Dry Town Place, San Jose, CA 95120; Larry Malmberg, President, Peace Officers Research Association of California, 12168 S. Mt. Vernon #33, Grand Terrace, CA 92524



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