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CAMPAIGN FINANCING. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Limits individuals' contributions to state office candidates' campaigns to $1000.00; $2500.00 from organizations per election. Limits contributions between political parties and candidates and campaign committees as specified. Requires majority of campaign contributions to come from residents of state candidate's district, with exceptions. Prohibits funds transfers between state campaign committees and between political action committees. Prohibits involuntary taxpayer financing of state campaigns. Applies conflict of interest sanctions to state elective officers. Limits gifts and honoraria to state elective officers. Funds campaign law enforcement with fee on state campaign receipts. Bans publicly financed mass mailings by elected officers. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Beginning in 1988-89 annual state costs to implement the measure would amount to about $1 million, but would be offset by revenues from the one percent fee amounting to $300,000 and by savings from the prohibition on the use of public funds for newsletters and mass mailings, amounting to about $1.8 million. Thus the net savings would be approximately $1.1 million and would be greater in subsequent years when fees from candidates for constitutional offices are collected. The prohibition on the use of public funds for newsletters and mass mailings would also result in unknown savings to local governments.


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